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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Trusted Rock and Top Soil Distributor


SAR Rock Products is a rock and top soil distributor that understands your product needs. 

The foundation of any project helps to dictate the success of what is to come. Therefor, it is essential to have the best fill material available when you are looking to create strong, sturdy, and attractive top soil for your residential, commercial, or industrial projects. We have made it our mission to provide all of our clients with only the highest-quality aggregate products. Additionally, it is important to us to ensure that these products are delivered to you in a cost-efficient manner that has as low of an environmental impact as possible. 

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us, and we look forward to showing you just how impressive our top soil and gravel products truly are for meeting your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our delivery services


At SAR our Mission is to provide high quality Aggregate Products at a cost efficient manner in as low of environmental impact methodology as possible.


Sustainable Aggregate Resources (SAR) was first established in 1998 as a private quarry site for the Hegele family to use on their company’s own commercial projects. It was also used to build their Clydesdale farm in the Lone Pine Valley. Choosing the Lone Pine area was a natural fit for the Hegele family, who moved to Central Oregon in 1996. The unique natural resources located in the area were just too beautiful to pass up.

From 1998 until 2016, high-quality basalt aggregate was quarried and reclaimed from the location. The products produced by our gravel distributors were then used throughout the Central Oregon area. These reclaimed quarry sites have been utilized as building sites for approximately 40,000 square feet of buildings for the family’s businesses, as well as the agricultural buildings for the Clydesdale onsite breeding facility.

With Crook County Planning Department approval, SAR began selling its aggregate products to contractors and the general public in 2016. The various products produced by our distributor have been used from Warm Springs to La Pine on residential, commercial, industrial, and public work projects.

Call 541-699-6156 for an Estimate.

Email: SARrockproducts@gmail.com 

7950 N. Lone Pine Road - Terrebonne, OR 97760

A Local Family Owned & Operated Business.


By maintaining low overhead and not having a large corporate structure to operate under, we have the ability to produce our high quality products at very competitive prices.

We now accept VISA subject to a 3% surcharge.

3/4 minus State Specification Gravel

This product meets state specification requirements for ¾ minus gravel. It is the industry standard to be used on roads and building foundations. Laboratory test results are available for this product upon request.  $8 per ton.


Screened Top Soil

Topsoil that has been processed through a power screen to separate the rock from the dirt. The material is used for landscaping and lawn construction purposes. It has a relatively low organic material content and works well for water retention. It is extremely cost effective material for new construction, in addition to upgrading existing landscaping.  $8 per ton.


1.5 inch minus Base Rock

This product works as an excellent base material for roads.  Our 1.5 inch minus Base Rock can be used independently or in conjunction with ¾ minus gravel.  $8 per ton.


Cap and Fill Soil 

This material has been used extensively throughout Central Oregon for Septic Drain fields. It is important to note that septic systems are individually approved by the applicable authority having jurisdiction for your individual drain field depending upon the soil conditions at your location. Typically, our product has been approved by Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. Free samples of our product are available to submit to your applicable authority.  $8.00 per ton.

Unscreened “Pit Run”
This product consists of approximately 80% rock from 5 inch minus with approximately 20% dirt to allow for compaction. It works well in areas were a sturdy road base is needed--such as roadways in damp areas and areas were roads are being constructed on top of native soils where larger aggregate is needed. For large projects, it is a cost effective means of providing a road base.

$3.50 per ton. 

Bulk Fill Material
This product is intended as a cost-effective means to fill and level large areas. It is free of organic matter to prevent decomposition and settling, but has oversize rock up to 12 inches in diameter. The exact concentration of rock to dirt varies, but it is approximately 70% rock to 30% dirt.  $3 per ton.

Screened  4- 10 inch Drain Rock (screened pit run)
This material is power screened with no fine material with the product ranging in size from 4 inch to 10 inch. It works well for drainage applications including dry wells, septic drain lines and water retention ponds.  $6 per ton

10 ton minimum on all loads.  


SAR provides various means of material delivery, as well as loadout to private trucks. At SAR we realize that time is money in the trucking business and a quick load out facility to get your truck loaded and back on the road is essential. 

Our onsite 90 foot digital scale allows for most combination trucks to be weighed in one setting, which allows for quick weigh in and weigh out.


(As of 4/10/18) 

Dump Truck and Transfer $125 per hour

(holds between 28-31 tons)

Solo Dump Truck $80 per hour

(holds up to 14.5 tons)

Other Transfer Options:

Belly Dump $110 per hour

10 ton minimum on deliveries.

Environmental Responsibility & Safety

Environmental Responsibility
At SAR we take pride in the environmental responsibility in our quarrying operation. The Owners of SAR, Rocky and Travis Hegele, both live in the Lone Pine Valley. All previously mined areas of SAR’s quarry have been returned back to agricultural use. The current location being quarried will be the future site of the Organic Bison Breeding and Feedlot facility. SAR is not a “Strip Mining” application operated by large out of state owned corporations.

Since this quarrying operation has beneficial post use applications, the products generated could possibly be used for “LEED” accreditation credits for your particular project. Please call for details if you have questions in regards to this.

SAR also utilizes best management environmental practices of providing vegetation screening were applicable, containing all stormwater onsite and minimizing the amount of non-permeable surfaces in the quarry site and access roads.

SAR is also in the process of upgrading many of their diesel engine trucks and support equipment to voluntarily meet upcoming diesel emission requirements. This includes various methods being implemented to cut down on diesel byproduct emissions and cut down on their overall carbon footprint. One way that we are accomplishing this is by processing all material directly onsite to reduce environmental impacts from excessive transport, and therefore reducing the overall “embodied energy” required to produce our products.

At SAR we take our safety management extremely seriously. We have operated since 1998 without a single lost time accident. All employees go through extensive safety training and our truck drivers are held to a high standard of professionalism.